"Chip and Kit have the kind of creative symbiosis that you often only read about or hear great artists harken back to when recalling the "golden era" of making records. They've got a fantastic work ethic, coupled with a general ease and grace that's often hard to find in the studio. They've got great ears, more talent than should be allowed and are simply put two of the most genuine and kind people I've met, let alone had the pleasure of making records with."


-Tony Lucca 

Singer Songwriter and National Touring Artist

Finalist on NBC’s The Voice

Nashville, TN


“Working with Kit and Chip is the perfect balance of inspiring creativity/direction & studio know how...they see & feel the artist's vision and help them surpass that goal. In closing, they kick ass.”


-Pat Mcgee 


Founding member of the pat mcgee band

Bristol, RI


"I gotta say, working with Chip and Kit was about as enjoyable and effortless as it comes. They have the gear, the perspective, and the musicianship to tackle anything you want... and a vibe that'll make you feel right at home. I'd recommend them to ANYONE looking to make a competitive and original sounding record."


-Brendan James

Singer Songwriter and National Touring Artist

Charleston, SC


"Working with Chip and Kit was a dream come true. They were equal parts professional, creative, friendly, innovative, and great company to keep. They are both killer musicians in addition to being superior engineers and visionaries. Our album turned out better than I'd ever imagined, and I am looking forward to working with them again."


-Nerissa Nields

Singer songwriter and national touring artist

Founding member of The Nields

Northampton, MA


"Kit and Chip are so talented that I sometimes think they're aliens.  It's hard to find a musical instrument that one or both of them can't play like a beast.  Their songwriting, tracking and production skills are absolutely sick.  Working with them is always an easy, fun vibe and truly professional.  I love them both.  They're an amazing team.  They're badass."







"My band and I had a completely positive experience making our album at Alpine Red Studios. The studio has a comfortable, laid back vibe and the gear is great. But realistically, a lot of studios these days have good gear. What really sets Alpine Red Studios apart is the skill and professionalism of the producers, Chip and Kit. They are super talented musicians in their own right and have a thorough understanding of all their outboard gear and protools rig. They are completely conversant in music theory, which made discussing the nuts and bolts of a song much easier. That said, they don’t allow theoretical headiness to get in the way of their rock solid pop sensibility. They really got inside my songs and helped tighten arrangements and parts in a way that felt natural. Once the arrangements and parts were worked out, they were able to capture great performances in minimal takes. They also had tons of great musical ideas, from guitar tones to synth choices, that massively improved our songs. 

From a mixing perspective, Chip and Kit are excellent. The first "rough" mixes I got from them were very close to our final mixes. They were very receptive to all my mix notes and countless tweaks and addressed them quickly and easily. 

Aside from all their musical acumen, Chip and Kit are just really down to earth, positive dudes with a great sense of humor. It was a real pleasure to work with them I am very proud of the album we made together at Alpine Red Studios."


-Lucas Jack


san antonio, tx


"I recommend Chip and Kit for any and every recording project. They mixed my album, produced a couple of the tracks, and even helped provide guidance with some of the decision making for the best possible outcome of the music. They were easy to work with as they are not only consummate musicians, but skilled with navigating Logic AND Protools (which helps save time, and ultimately money). They were able to stay within my budget and deliver results in a timely manner keeping my project on schedule. In addition to all the expertise they provided for my recording, I have also witnessed them successfully complete projects for other artists, in all styles and genres of music!"


-Damon Grant

Artist and Founder of The Damon Grant Project

Stamford, CT